OnTerra Systems: A company of web mapping experts, specialists, and project managers focused on web mapping, fleet optimization, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration solutions and services

We began more than 5 years ago by creating custom integrated software solutions for fleet optimization - which involved creating a Configurable Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution based on Microsoft Windows and Bing Maps for many customers. Since then our portfolio has expanded to include fleet routing optimization, as well as map-based visualizations of business information that help drive strategic business decisions and strategies.

Our team has deep expertise in mapping, geospatial, application development, and project management, including Microsoft recognized MVPs and RDs.

If it has to do with latitude and longitude, we do it!


  • Recognized Web Mapping experts - People ask us to present on this stuff worldwide
    • Experts in latest technologies - Bing, Silverlight, Javascript/AJAX, SQL Server Spatial, HTML5, etc.
      • Cost-Effective and Modular approachTechnology and implementation tailored to your organization.
        • Quick deploymentsAgile approach ensures success and lower costs.
          • Integration expertsNo standalone or "rip-and-replace" systems available here unless that’s what you’re looking for.
            • Plan and executeIt’s fine that we’re PMI certified, but more importantly we’re experienced in project management.
              • Ease of UseIt's worthless unless your users can take it and run with it, right? So it’s a priority for us!