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OnTerra System's consulting methodology is a flexible, iterative process that has been developed, tested, and fine-tuned over several years and engagements. We call it "Success Map" – a specific set of guidelines and procedures that ensure:

  o Your current technology investment is leveraged.
  o Your team is involved in each phase of the project.
  o Our recommendations have clear cost benefits before they’re implemented.
  o Testing is successful with both end-users and company management.
  o All applications and development steps are fully documented and supported.

"Success Map" recognizes that technology is not the only piece of a successful solution. People, process, and managing risk play key roles in a successful software project. Having a team proactively and continuously manage risk, work and communicate effectively, and align technology solutions with business requirements is critical for project success, but it is often the most difficult aspect to achieve. These very areas are often the root causes of software project failure. "Success Map" has developed risk management, team and process models to provide guidance in these crucial areas. "Success Map" minimizes risk and maximizes project quality and success by:

  o Providing a standardization of process (proven templates and processes).
  o Integrating industry leading best practices (UML, MSF, PMI, Agile, leading software and services organizations, and OnTerra Systems best practices).
  o Incorporating constant improvement (project de-briefings, new design patterns, R&D support).
  o Supporting communications (status reports, communication plan, project audits).
  o Offering on-line access 24/7 from any location to our Project Web Portal.

"Success Map" was created as a framework instead of a methodology to offer guidance, rigor, and measurability in the constantly changing world of IT, while still remaining flexible.

OnTerra Systems offers customized consulting for your organization on an as-needed basis; quote available upon request.