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Web mapping is the process of designing, implementing, generating and delivering maps using web technologies vs. “GIS”, or Geographic Information Systems, which is similar but focuses more on desktop and client server architectures.

Governments and business IT departments traditionally have GIS systems, where organizations who want less complicated systems for internal and external applications are using web mapping technologies. Examples of web mapping include:

  o Store locators.
  o Real estate finders.
  o Data visualization apps, showing business information, Etc.
  o Fleet and asset tracking applications.

Web mapping technologies like Bing Maps, MapQuest and Google Maps have evolved very rapidly over the past couple of years. This began with web services based mapping (static maps), today is AJAX/Silverlight/Flash, and in the not too distant future will be HTML5. These technologies have well-defined usability and user interaction, and thousands of organizations are leveraging them for internal and external mapping applications. We can help you choose the right technology, and then implement it successfully. A couple of questions for you:

Are you finding it difficult to choose the right web mapping approach/technology?

  o There are many options and platforms available.
  o It's difficult to differentiate when you use the same software as everyone else.

Are you looking for a web mapping solution that is "best of breed"?

  o Many providers appear to have the same features and data; when often they don't
  o APIs are confusing.

Are you trying to deliver mapping features to general customer or organizational users?

  o Directing customers to nearest store/facility is not always easy or simple.
  o Many mapping platforms are complex and difficult to use

If you would like some help in finding answers to the questions above, drop us your email address below and we'll send you a brochure and - if available - a whitepaper and/or case study.